A male Cuntsman performing its attack mechanism.

The Cuntsman (Cephaneco vaginalis) is a subspecies of the Sniper. Cuntsmen are one of the most common TF2 species in existence, and are highly regarded as pests.


Cuntsmen are land-based creatures, due to their inability to perform their attack mechanism(see picture) while floating in water. This leaves them vulnerable to predators, such as Pyrosharks and Sniperdiles. Cuntsmen are highly nomadic, and do not settle down to set up nests with their families, instead opting to go out and hunt for prey.


Cuntsmen are bipedal creatures, which give them the advantage of being better at hunting prey due to their increased speed. They have an incredibly sharp and long claw on one appendage and a wide and thin shell with a hole on the other. When they insert their long claw into the hole of their wide and thin shell, their claw is quickly ripped out of their hand and propelled at high speeds towards their target. This allows Cuntsmen to pick off enemies at long distances. However, they do not typically do this since the process is incredibly painful and leaves them vulnerable to infection. Most Cuntsmen instead thrust their claw in front of them and stab unsuspecting prey. The speed at which they perform this attack mechanism makes them very efficient predators.


Cuntsmen are highly aggressive, almost always hunting for and killing prey. This may be due to their high metabolism, which leaves them goin' hungry if they do not kill within a short amount of time. Cuntsmen are also highly competitive, sometimes thrusting their claws into each other and making squawks until one of them collapses due to organ failure. It is theorized that they do this to prove masculinity and attract potential mates.

Cuntsmen typically decorate themselves in hats such as Ghastly Gibuses and Pyrovision Goggle, possibly due to being attracted to their putrid stench, being garbage hats after all. It is not common for a Cuntsman to wear anything besides low quality hats, and it is an astronomically rare event to see one wearing an unusual.

Relationship with Other SpeciesEdit

Cuntsmen are ambitious creatures, and hunt all kinds of animals from Megalopyrosharks to Trolldiers and even humans sometimes. Due to their extreme predatory nature, Cuntsmen are one of the most hunted animals in the Lazy Purple Silly Server. However, this has no effect on their population as they are capable of producing large amounts of offspring with one procreative move.

Required ItemsEdit

  • Huntsman

Research provided by: Niblic