Discovery Edit

This newly discovered member of the Decipio family is a highly agressive descendant of the Spycrab. It has a convergent evolution with the Pseudo-Spycrab and acts very much like it.

Behavior Edit

2014-12-21 00005

A Spylobster leaping out of the water, heading straight for an unsuspecting Spycrab.

They are also known as the False Spycrab. Like Pseudo-Spycrabs, they are much more aggressive than Spycrab. However their agressive outmatches even the most angry of Pseudo Spycrabs. They are known to attack anything that comes near them without mercy, tear it to shreds and then swim back into the water. They will walk like a normal Spycrab, but if provoked will chase after the attacker until it's dead. No one knows why they are so aggressive, but its best not to get too close to it to find out. Even though they love the water, they are found high up in trees, where they lay their eggs and keep them wet. They share their forest homes with Gliding Treescoots, their main predator. They prey mainly on Spymeleons and true Spycrabs.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

They appear to be much like any other Spycrab, but this is a form of mimicry. They have the abilities to shoot out water so fast that it can go straight the head of any animal, not always resulting in a death. The limb that the water shoots out of is small, long and almost tube shaped, They also have claws just like their cousins, the Spymeleon, which they use to cut creatures not even aiming for the back. Their faces always seem to be angry. Their vocal calls include sounds that sound like "Help" or "Assistance" even though they are capable of killing creatures on their own. They are slightly larger and redder than most Spycrabs, and blue variants have been found in different areas of the world.


-Every form of Decipio and Aedificare except for the Giant Nukineer

Predators Edit



Requirements Edit

-The Ambassodor

Any knife (except kunai)

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