We must find the intelligence and bring up our species to be respected! - Chase Lelo the leader of the Chameleon Spies

The Chameleon Spy Edit

The Chameleon Spy is a spy with the Handsome Jack Mask that has been jarated on. The thing is, a glitch in the game's code makes their mask either a really bright yellow, white, dark blue, or a bright green lighting. This makes the Chameleon Spies unique cause of their look. Also Chameleon Spies are always paralyzed therefore they are always in the, " Civilian Pose"


One day, Chase was a regular Spy when suddenly he tripped and fell on a mask that fell from the sky. The mask attached to his skin and actually became part of him, like extra flesh on his face. Nothing could get it off, if he had surgery it would kill him instantly. Chase was depressed after Holty the doctor told him that, so he went out for a walk to clear his mind. While he was walking, a sniper by the name of Lesley threw jarate at him, the impact of the glass breaking caused a explosion. Waking up from the coma 6 months later, Holty told him that his face majestically adapted to his surroundings based on the texture in the air. If it was wet, his face would turn a dark blue, if it was hot, his face would turn to a bright yellow, if it was cold, his face would turn into a bright green. Also the result of the coma left him paralyzed and always in the civilian pose. When he got out of the hospital, he saw other paralyzed spies getting teased at and being arrested for no reason. Fearing that this might happen to every paralyzed spy, he made a group called the P.S.L (Paralyzed Spy League) and became politic on Paralyzed Spy Rights. His plan was to steal the intelligence of the REDs that might hold the prove of their rights. Even to this day, Chase had horrible luck trying to steal it. But there seems infinite about of hope in his heart and will do anything for their rights.


The face does camouflage in almost every climate.

Agile even though he is paralyzed from the torso down.

He has the Dead Ringer.

Can camouflage but only once per life.


Other Paralyzed Spies- They all want the same outcome, their respect.

Hoovy- He had lawyer training and can defend any signature without losing.

Airforce Species- Can fight for Chase and give him information about where the REDs are going.

Spyguins- Anyone that is BLU is pretty much a allie.


Any RED Member- Chase think all RED's are all evil and deserve their justice and a jail sentence.

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