Cave scoot
 Recently discovered in Sunset Saloon, the Cave Scoot is a nocturnal animal for the most part, staying in their cave in the day unless they need to get food.


The Cave Scoot isnt a friendly animal and will end up attacking you on sight if you enter its cave. Of course, there are a few friendly Cave Scoots known as Owl Scoots. This subspecies wont attack you unless you threaten its mate or the Owl itself.

Mating SeasonsEdit

When a mating season approaches for a cave scoot they all huddle around the nearest female cave scoot and start to hit eachother with their bats. The sound vibration from it makes the female scoots reproductive glands to begin creating new cave scoots.

Needed Items.Edit

Pan (needed for alpha cave scoot)

Candy Cane

Bonk helm (optional)