Birth Edit

These creatures are born when a camper dies. The camper may attempt to get into the water, and let the eggs that come out when he dies live. When they burst out, the eggs can only live in water. It takes only 3 weeks to hatch, and the nest of snipers stay in the water until evolution. Their form of evolution is turning into a almost wholly different creature on it's own, retaining the same hunting aspects in it's main form.

Aqua Caravelle Edit

The Camper's first stage, when they are first born in the water. They sit in the water, and with their long attachments, whether it be in the form of a bow or rifle, wait for any passerby to kill and eat. They stay in this stage until their version of evolution, which lasts about 5 weeks in this stage.

Terra Caravelle Edit

This is when the creatures takes full use of it's legs, and steps onto land. It begins using height areas to snipe and camp, getting more food than usual, which makes them grow new parts, such as a growth to their cranium, referred to as a hat.

Amphibian Caravelle Edit

A version of the Caravelle, it's most advanced form where it can hunt in land and water, surprisingly this is the most encountered, mostly due to the Camper's long lifespan.

Behavior Edit

Very aggressive. Kill on sight.