P ak47 csgo

An example of a terrorist animal wielding an AK-47

are a group of species and genera recently discovered in France. There are two variants of CSGOnimals; ones that resemble various SWAT/military/counter terrorist groups, and ones that resemble various terrorist/organized crime cells. They are possibly related to TF2nimals.


CSGOnimals were discovered when the FBI teleported to France after chasing anarchists through the entire planet, who were planning on bombing Tuefort. They eventually found themselves in Marquis, where the anarchists were brutally murdered by a strange creature dressed as a GIGN member. The FBI approached it, thinking it was an actual counter terrorist, until they realized it made noises like a cow and walked around on all fours. At first thinkin he was mentally disabled, they discovered that it wasn't human at all after a trip to the lab boys. 

Confusion and lawsEdit

Ever since CSGOnimals were discovered, police and military deaths skyrocketed due to dumb poachers. Bank robbers also accidentally killed innocent animals, mistaking them for the popo. Even worse, hundreds of terrorist animals were killed by police, who thought they were actual terrorists. The President of the United States made it clear that no one is to shoot cops, nor are they to shoot terrorists who act similar to animals. This led to ISIS pretending to be crows in order to assassinate the president, but this was thwarted by Batman. Basically it's fuckeD

Known CSGOnimalsEdit

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