The CP3-Port-Toas deities are deities the half toaster half owl species the CP3-Port-Toas worship. Obviously excluding The Great Lord Gaben as he is worshipped by everybody within the Steam Multiverse/dimension.

Hootbot Edit

Hootbot is one of the three deities in the CP3-Port-Toas religion. He is the god of spirituality, intelligence, and the Port- Toases owl like matter. He appears to obtain every possible power, like all the other Gods, but his main power is genetic manipulation, and electricity wielding. Hootbot looks like a winter Port-Toas with an owl head. Every year, their is a holiday based around this god defeating the demon, Gibuousen, which then proceeds by Hootbot spreading Gibousens meat across the steam universe for every Port-Toas can eat as they believe it is a good use of their resources. He is worshipped by the Port-Toas reading books while talking to him through meditation.

Breadita Edit

Breadita is the goddess of food and is thought by the CP3's to have created the Breadgineer species. She appears to have traits similar to Portable Toaster's except she is seen wearing attire from the Love and War era. Her main power is to use combustible bread loaves, being shot at a necessary velocity for her foe to be defeated. The combustible bread hold 900,000,000 volts of electricity. She is worshipped by having crumpled up wheat thrown at a picture of her. Their is a holiday based around her depicting a story of a great time of starving over the CP3 mainland. Breadita noticed this and decided to rain loaves from the sky for all of the Port-Toases to eat.

The Train God Edit

The Train God is the Ruler and God of the TrainSawLaser CP3-Port-Toas' holy land TrainSawLaser. He has the power to rain down trains, lasers, trains with saws, and saws. The TrainSawLaser Port-Toases worship him as the main god of the Port-Toas religion. He is worshipped by the Port-Toases pointing their rifles up and down simultaneously. Their is no known picture of this god but he is thought to be a masculine character with a train head. Other CP3s do not worship this particular diety, but the TrainSawLaser CP3s will be willing to die for him, and usually do.

Credit goes to Plhype

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