ButterMedics are a species of Pugnamedicus that live in jungle or forest areas such as pl_malaria. They often fly around and suck the nectar of (exclusively) Scootflowers and drink alcohol.
375px-Wings of Purity

A ButterMedic without its mask


ButterMedics will often use their deadly stingers to invade bee nests and ant nests, and claim it as their own. And then proceed to lay billions of eggs with their eyeballs.

Aside from their barbaric raids, they are usually hostile to humans and other species. They often mate with other butterfly species for no real reason at all.

They prefer to eat Scootflowers instead of any other flower. Likely because a scootflower is the equivalent of ten Whoppers.

They also do not heal anything for any reason, as they are a greedy species.

They often wear masks to conceal their identity so their fellow ButterMedics don't make fun of them 


​Australium ButterMedic 
Orange-cocoon lol

An Australium cocoon


A rare variant of the ButterMedic created from a ButterMedic flying into an australium fusion reactor. They are a great source of pure australium, which is why they are hunted. 

Friendly ButterMedicEdit

An ultra rare variant of ButterMedics that are the exact opposite of ButterMedics. They build their own nests and show care towards other species. There are only currently two known ButterMedics on Planet Earth.

Guide for CombatEdit



  • Uber Saw
  • Wings of Purity
  • Blighted Beak
  • Resizer server, small
  • Noclip/low gravity
  • Taunt kill enemies and attack Scootflowers

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