The Bull heavy first found on October 31th, 2014

Behavior Edit

They are found usually docile, and only attack when provoked. They only attack the color red, because unless you let it know that you are friendly it will attack automatically and keep attacking until your nerves stop twitching, and because they are only found on BLU. Though some are rouge and will attack anything that is not commonly docile. Oddly enough, when seeing a picture of a sandwich they will tear it to shreds. Tf2 biologists theorize that this is because it contains farm animals meet which reminds them of the death of their cow like kin. When mating, they display semi protective behavior as if someone touches them while they mate they will harm with a thrust of their hooves. However they only allow people to watch from afar while mating.

Mating Edit

Their mating is displayed in complex ways but I will go over the basics of it. If the female comes across a male counterpart at 15 years of age, they will stay together for a while and see if they are fit to be a couple, if not they will just leave each other and carry on with their lives. If they decide the opposite they will go to a tree or its stump and punch each other three times then doing a sort of dosey doe kind of dance, then the mating is done. Thus making their home afterwards.

Heavy bull calfs Edit

Once born, The calfs are nourished by their mother and father with fish and a chocolate like substance, once powerful enough the parents will supervise the calf getting its own food for the first time. If the calf succeeds, it will then stay with its parent for a few more years until they die, then the calf will go out looking for its mate and will migrate much in the process

Appearance Edit

They appear with two horns on the sides of their head, and have a bone that is in a ring shape around their nose. They also have blue fists that hold crits for a terse amount of time, these crits come from things they have killed with their horns.

Requirements Edit

The minsk beast

Killing gloves of boxing

Be on BLU team.

Page author: Plhype the friendly defender.

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