193px-Brundle Bundle

A typical Bug Foot Engie.

Bug Foot is a creature of the Aedificare family that resembles a large insect, to be specific, a large fly. It makes buzzing noises and is a fairly rare creature. This is not because of them being endangered, but because they are not a species. They are simply mutated engineers from a teleportation accident that occurs very often with careless engineers. A fly or other insect hovers above or directly on top of the engineer's teleporter, and when the engineer uses it, they get their DNA mixed with the insect. This is normally a slow process. The mutations occur in stages, usually first the feet, then the wings, then finally, the unsightly insect head. When the first Bug-Foot incident occurred, scientists found the engineer and helped him go back to normal by combining him with more humans. (Don't worry. The mercenaries it merged with were gibuses.) After this incident, spraying your teleporters with insect spray has been common and suggested by many scientists. If you see one of these creatures, you may kill it, as it will return to its normal state after Halloween or a Full Moon.

Requirements: Edit

The Brundle Bundle

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