The rare Bruxo (Meaning wizard in portugeuse) Pyro is an intelligent TF2-nimal a

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s it is able to construct weapons to fuel its pyromaniac tendoncies. It shoots fire, uses gasses to push its enemies back and upon it hitting you with its magma-infused axe, will combust predators into flames.

The Bruxo Pyro are much like humans as they are social (except they don't speak. It is unknown how they communicate) creatures with many, many traits. Their species cannot be defined as docile, neutral, shy or out-going as they come in a variaty, although they usually look except for some different coloured ones (The normal being Red and Blu)

The primary source of this species food are spies, medics and demoknights as these are the easiest for it to kill. They may also feast on pyrosharks that are away from its territory where it is most vunerable.

How to become a Bruxo Pyro?- Be yourself aslong as you don't speak.

What items to become the Bruxo Pyro?-

Cosmetics- Deus specs OR The Special Eyes- The Point and Shoot OR The Crone's Dome- The cute suit

If you followed the steps for the cosmetics right, then you should look something like this

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Any flamethrower

Any flare gun (Detonator, Flare gun or Scorchshot)

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

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