This newly discovered species is capable of making bread from standing on a disc of some sort. These discs have been related to teleportation technology.

Traits and Behavior Edit

The Breadgineer will usually produce two strange luminescent discs, then stand on one of them. The Breadgineer will teleport to the other disc, then go back to the first one. By doing this, the Breadgineer will produce bread of different sorts, earning its name. Breadgineers are defensive of these discs, and may attack anything or anyone that harms them. Breadgineers also have a sort of metal appendage that, if lifted into the air, can teleport them to either the recieving disc or their spawn. This weakens their buildings, however, but that doesn't seem to bother them much. If the Breadgineers do produce bread, they will stop what they are doing and start harvesting the bread. Once the bread is harvested, the Breadgineer will attempt to create more using its two disks. Breadgineers can be either willing to share the bread or be extremely defensive of it. If they are in a state where they cannot produce bread, they will not cannibalize each other.

Sightings Edit

Recently, Dr. Marxman went to a breadgineer nest. 23 breadgineers were working very hard to produce enough bread for the winter. They produced over 10 million slices of bread, and when Marxman went to try one, it did not harm him. The bread is safe for the consumption of any species. On Upward, Dr. Marxman found a smaller nest of only 3 Breadgineers trying to produce bread as it fell into a large pit. Why this is is completely unknown, but it was theorized that it is a storage for the winter times, and that these creatures will go into the hole and hibernate their for the winter. It is unknown if they hibernate during the winter or simply live underground when the winter arrives. One of the scientists employed by Dr. Marxman said that there might be a massive family of breadgineers producing bread in the holes spread around the badlands, and Marxman thought this might be true. His team of biologists are looking into a safe way to find that out. Another sighting was at the Battle of MountainLab, where they were seen giving bread rations to mercenaries fighting and protecting the friendlies.

Required items:

Teleporter (Entrance and Exit)

The Eureka Effect

Allies Edit

  • The CP3-Port-Toas. They feed off the bread, and for some reason, even the most stingy Breadgineer will share.
  • Spycrabs. Breadgineers try to give them a resting place for them to mate and live.
  • Demopan. The Breadgineers give them food, and they give them prote

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