Boxing Heavies are an aggressive species of Gravitelamo commonly found in pairs. They are almost always fighting an enemy Boxing Heavy, no matter the circumstances. It is best to never approach a Boxing Heavy, unless you are carrying a Sandvich with you, and it is somehow aware of your presence. Sneaking up on a Boxing Heavy is not a good idea, for it will most likely kill you.


A Boxing Heavy celebrating a win.

Loadout Edit

-Any Primary weapon

-Sandvich/Buffalo Steak Sandvich/Dalokahs Bar

-Killing Gloves of Boxing/Gloves of Running Urgently

This species was discovered by Dr. Randy T. Redneck (or Jiralhanae117). Further research must be permitted by him.

TF2nimals- Boxing Heavies00:40

TF2nimals- Boxing Heavies

A fight between two Boxing Heavies.

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