Boxcrabs (Aquaicus Boxicus Cancerus) Edit

  • Basic Info

Boxcrabs are a rare variation of the Boxtrot, or the BoxSpy, who appear to live underwater, only going up for air, and for the great migration.

Boxcrabs are very rare, and only recently were discovered by professor Aloumus in his travels. Boxcrabs often go up for oxygen by jumping off of the floor, and if they are of the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Depths, or Ice variant of the specimen, they still jump, but only as an instinct. Instead, they will actually use gills in the side of their neck to suck the oxygen from the water. It is said to be very uncomfortable for them, but the special variants are used to it.

  • Variants

Shallow Boxcrabs

Shallow Boxcrabs started the jumping the species is known for. They are slightly smaller, and rarer then most of the other variants

Depths Boxcrabs

some of the rarest creatures on the planet, they rely on engiecoral, which are almost never that far below, so they often die on their trek down, or when they get there, and no engiecoral is to be found.

Arctic Boxcrabs

around Christmas every year, boxcrabs go to the arctic to mate, and those with a 1/3 chance variation stay up north, because food, water, oxygen, and shelter are plentiful there.

River Boxcrabs

By the rest of the species standpoint, these are plentiful, yet still endangered

Very friendly, but will hunt in packs

Atlantic Boxcrabs and Pacific Boxcrabs

These creatures have a feud with each other, and will often attack in swarms, yet, when the fighting dies down, they will mate, go separate ways, and attack again. More research needs to be done.

Webber's Boxcrabs (Jesuscrabs)

also known as Jesus crabs, Webber's can walk on water, because of their light weight and webbed feet

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These Spy's are hunted for their boxes as they are used in medicines


  1. Boxtrot taunt
  2. Map with water
  3. (Optional) Map with deep water, shallow, or icy water

Discovered by Professor Aloumus on his Journey to discover all TF2nimals