Pink headcrab by angorathelynxgod-d6a9dln

A boogie crab in containment

Boogie Crabs
are a mysterious species of unknown origin. They were discovered by Scoot Labs researchers during an alien invasion on 2fort.


Through unknown means, boogie crabs have a strange paste in their stomach that constantly turns their skin into the color pink. This also boosts it's adrenaline, making it run faster and jump faster. It is known to dance whenever possible, even when in danger. 

Boogie crabs will latch onto a host's cranium and inject samples of the chemical "BJ28", unique to it's species, and make the host dance. It will stay latched on, dancing, until the host is either killed or stopped from dancing. 

Boogie crabs are very similar to that of a headcrab, which was discovered by Black Mess in the 40's, during the Resonance Cascade. Tests conducted have proved that boogie crabs are not related to headcrabs, and have never stepped foot in Xen. 

Effect to the worldEdit

Ever since the invasion, boogie crabs have roamed free. It is encouraged by Scoot Labs employees to stay weary of these vermin, to not eat it under any circumstances, and report any sightings to Scoot Labs, Grantfare Corp, or the TF2nimal Research Facility. 

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