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A daddy and baby Blasbo

Blasbo Babbins 
are a species of extraterrestrial origin, and are very violent in nature. They have tried to invade Earth, but have failed.

Life CycleEdit

Blasbo Babbins are born through eggs; laid by the mother. After hatching, the baby will begin to explore its surroundings. After it finds a weapon, it will look for the nearest group of people and slaughter them. This will make them evolve into Teenage Blasbos. They will be given unsettling armor by their parents, and will be sent to raid, plunder, and loot everything it can find. If it succeeds, it will evolve to it's third stage: Adult Blasbos. These creatures will defend their eggs, and will still raid villages and plunder. They will often scare children with their spooky armor just for giggles. If they scare over 9,000 children, they become the final stage:

The Elder Blasbo. These creatures are utterly terrifying; their head is x20 times larger, it's teeth is jagged, it's fingers will become long like an Odd Engie, and is virtually indestructible. The only known weapon against the Elder Blasbo is an atomic bomb. They can also puke up eggs at will.

There are only three Elder Blasbos; Two in containment and one (this may disgust you)

In the wild.


They were discovered after an Elder Blasbo came to Earth and puked up over 300 eggs. It was found by a team of mercs (one of them surviving: Soot, Scoot's cousin), who were brutally mutilated and eaten, but not after sending a smoke signal.

After the death of thirty soldiers, the U.S military simply dropped an atomic bomb on it. It's eggs still hatched and spread across the world.

According to ancient scribes, T-232 also had to deal with Blasbos thousands of years ago.

Protocol of finding a wild Blasbo BabbinEdit

Scoot Labs will pay over 300 dollars in hats for a living Blasbo Babbin for testing. Grantfare Corp. is offering a calendar of TF2nimals and a free sandvich for a live Blasbo Babbin. It is recommended by the Blasbo Babbin Health Agency to try to detain it before it hurts others. It is recommended to donate them to either Grantfare Corp. or Scoot Labs. 

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