Creation and appearance Edit

Birds of Robotdom are created when a bird of freedom is captured and converted in a factory, replacing the wings with mechanical ones, changing one leg with a laser or a parachute and the other one with a robotic one that seems to get more effective at either scratching or hopping the more the bird has been damaged. Their face is also reconstructed with metallic parts, leaving no signs of feathers.

Behavior and Biology Edit

Birds of Robotdom are passive at first and attack nothing, this stays so unless they are killed and rebuilt multiple times in the same area, at around 2 rebuilds they will become defensive and around 5 rebuilds they will seek out their killer and kill them. If they kill someone who has attempted to kill them, their aggressiveness will reset. They feed on artifical materials, preferring to use oil most of the time, which they get from oil barrels, if they are not to be found, they will, while reluctantly, rely on ammo crates for nourishment. Like the birds of freedom, their DNA is open and so they can mate with any soldier tf2nimals for extra traits, but upon successful mating, they will self destruct, warning the nearest Robotdom factory of this event. At that moment, zombies or robots are sent out to collect the eggs to be readied for the conversion of what is to come from the eggs.

To become a Bird of Robotdom you will need at least:

- Battle Bird (Metal Face)

- Rocket Jumper (Mechanical wings)

- Righteous Bison or BASE Jumper (Left Leg)

Bird of robotdom

A bird of robotdom

- Escape Plan or Equalizer (Right Leg)

Other Information Edit

Birds of Robotdom are a very recent, but they can be seen everywhere and there is a lot of them, estimated at least. They usually live alone, but can be seen with a partner before they become sexually active. They are unusually intelligent, and some can even speak English, though this is rare.

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