"Don't be afraid my fellow bird, I am here to save you!"~A bird of healing Edit

Bird of healing

The Basics of the bird Edit

The Bird of Healing comes in mater of time and convenience, they are not rare but uncommon of the Medibird family. They are known to be skilled and intelligent from they'er choices from life. They were just like any other medibird when he was a baby, but there is always an professional at something, Bird of healing's population on earth is 4,000 not much to compare to other species, and medibird's is around 2,000,000. Unlike Medibirds, these uncommon species mastered the techniques for battle and healing. Even if it was facing an enemy heavy it would still win. But they are best at healing, that's why it has the name of, Bird of Healing

Behavior Edit

It acts gentle and kind, it helps for birds and people in need of battle, some are selfish and not humble, love to show off they're skills, others are wise and are humble about it. So it depends on the bird most of the time, when it is near or at enemy base it is serious but still kind.

Allies Edit

Archimedes - the gentle bird of his kind, like family but Archimedes is a brother to it.

Bird of Freedom - They may not be like this bird with their texture, it's because they are like cousins.

Meembird - Even more related to it than the bird of freedom.

Requirements Edit

Class: Medic

Miscs/hats: Must have Medimeds

High skills for medic


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