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TF2nimals- Birdscout

A Bird Scout attacks a common Gravitelamo.

The Bird Scout is a fast, flying creature in the Carpo Family. They start out on land, and when they've reached enough speed, they gain the ability to fly very high. They migrate instead of hibernating as all birds do. They mostly live in spaces with large towers and perches such as Hightower, Gravelpit, and Sawmill. This ability allows them to reach places other creatures and humans cannot access alone. Like the Sollybird, it usually lands on high objects such as rocks and flies to the next. They are usually prey and only hunt insects. When they migrate, they move in groups. They are never seen in cold places, such as Coldfront. There was a sighting in Coldfront of one of the birds once, but some scientists helped it move to a safer area. They cannot survive in these conditions for long, but can quickly move out of them. They are not endangered, yet not overpopulating. If you see one, simply let it roam freely. They can be taken as pets, as long as they are provided with food (seeds, millet, insects). Occasionally, these creatures will wear gibuses. Do not mistake them. They are birds if they utilize their flying technique and basic style (probably juvenile)

Requirements: Edit

Number 1 Fan Set

Any Hat

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