The Battle of MountainLab was a rigorous and dangerous battle fought to establish the protection of the Friendlies to the Gibus. RED Mercenaries defended the Friendlies, where BLU fought against them. Not all of the BLUs hated the friendlies, as some did show peace, yet most of their team was Gibuses. Dr. Marxman, one of the Bestiary's own Scientists, fought there with a sniper rifle and a Frying Pan. He ended up with the most confirmed kills and overall honor on his team, proving that Scientists are willing to fight for their beliefs as are mercenaries. The Friendlies were ordered to hide in a small shack until the battle was over, and they did. RED Team ended up victorious, and through all the bloodshed, Marxman went back to the Bestiary with a plan. This was to make MountainLab the head Lab for TF2 Science. It currently is, and, even though there is occasional violence, TF2-nimals have been seen there, including a Spycrab migration and PyroShark sightings. When Marxman returned to the Bestiary, upon being asked what had happened, due to his numerous wounds, he simply replied: "My Job."

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