Creation Edit

BC-31 is an AI Computer/Portable Robot designed and built by Dr. Konstantin Marxman and many other TF2 scientists. It is a perfect robot, capable of doing things actual pro players cannot do. It can scan TF2-nimals and capture them, and deliver the information to the biologists. It was also based off of the body of an engineer, so it can create buildings and strategically place them wherever they choose. Since it is in the possession of the biologists, it serves them and banks their intel of various flora and fauna. It is capable of understanding other players of any language, making it a great translator. Many have protested against this robot due to the fact it can be easily used in warfare and is highly dangerous. The scientists still keep it, though, as it is exceedingly useful in many fields and plan to create more in the future. It is superior in every way to the creations of Gray Mann, and Mann Co. Seeks the plans of it from the scientists, though they refuse to leak any information. There is also much fear of it turning against the scientists and humanity in general, but Marxman reassures everyone that this has a very low chance of occurring. The scientists are currently teaching it to answer existential questions and act like a human. Its invention has finally revolutionized searching for TF2-nimals, with their being able to be found wherever they may reside. It is currently being upgraded to do these things.

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