Avem Tripudium, Or simply Avemedi, are Bird-headed Pugnamedicus. Currently There isn't much information about them, other than they love to conga, and will attack anyone rather intelligently than the normal Pugnamedicus. They are also known as Meembirds[1].

Current Sightings and Behavior Edit

note: this information was just collected at August 20, 10:30 PM. Edit

They where first sighted in Sunset Saloon. 3 Avemedi appeared and started to conga the way to the Saloon. All of them where rather well dressed, with fancy feathers dashing about. One Appeared to have a infant on his shoulder.

Reactions where mixed. some joined in, some Ignore them. The others hated the look of them and attack. The Avemedi retaliate, showing a stunning display of intelligence in combat. rather than all rush at the same time, only 1-2 rush at one with there Talons, while another (or two) SHOT at there pointiest feathers. They Manage to kill several, and caused a massive disturbance in the saloon.

What happen after that is still unkown.

Requirements Edit

A Medimedes and the Conga Taunt is needed.