An Apeldier declaring it's dominance.

Although they look like they'd tear your face off at any moment, Apeldiers are actually quite docile creatures. That is, until you hit one and they all go berserk.


The Apeldiers are neutral TF2-nimals who only attack when provoked. They are mostly seen continously beating their chest with their fists declaring dominance over a certain territory. For some odd reason, eagles love to sit on their shoulders. Apeldiers' diets usually consists of plants, fruit, and meat thus making them an omnivore. These creatures live in moist jungle and forest areas like the rainy marshes of Sawmill. Although, their curiosity often makes the Apeldiers there endangered because they walk into the saw blades. They are not the most Intelligent animals...


  • Direct Hit/Beggar's Bazooka/Half-Zatoichi (For the Dominance Taunt) any facial hair {not required}
  • The Compatriot [Not Required]