Anime girls
are a strange, disgusting species native to the "Animeverse". The few that have escaped to Earth are usually hunted down by the Intergalactic Llama Police, though Scoot Labs had contained many anime girls and "researched" them. 


Anime girls are similar to humans, but completely different at the same time. Females often have unnaturally large and shiny hair, breasts big enough to break a normal human's spine, buttocks the size of a football field, and hourglass shapes. They are have strangely shiny skin, and most fat digested adds onto their breasts and thighs. Scientists agree that their arousing nature

A neko

is a surgical mechanism, to seduce and escape predators and also repopulate a planet in weeks. Females can produce moans that can shatter glass, and often mutter stupid things like "OHW MAWIH GAWD SENPAI UR TOUCHING MY B00BIESSSSS". Their eye lashes often border around the entire eye, and their eyebrows can transcend throughout dimensions and appear through hair or glasses. 

Males are usually scrawny little dickbags, usually with tan skin and black hair. Some, however, have complex facial structures and multicolored hair, along with a set of abs. They have naturally large penis sizes, and can discharge literal oceans worth of semen. 



Nekos are a subspecies of anime, who are born with cat ears and tail. They often act like cats, endlessly saying "nya~", and are usually playful in bed. Scoot Labs is attempting to find a way to domesticate them. 


Demons from Hell bred to seduce the living and drain them of their life essence. One subspecies of them are bred from anime blood, often sporting demonic ears, wings, and tails. All succubus specimens are to be detained due to their dangerous and security threatening nature. 

Notable anime charactersEdit

Full article: Scoot Labs anime database

  • The Time Fucker: A mysterious character who appears in almost every single hentai in existence. He usually has tan skin and black hair, and often travels in time and makes love with various women. He has multiple sightings around the globe and

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