Angler Heavy

Angler Heavy

The Angler Heavy is an aquatic TF2nimal that is often found in deep dark waters, trying to lure other creatures towards it with the fake sandvich hanging from its head. It moves slowly due to it's weight and can only catch prey if they move close. The Angler Heavy has been noted to eat human flesh sometimes, but it mainly feeds on Heavy Aquatic TF2-nimals.


It has a recognizable fake sandvich hanging from its head along with large eyes and a large bottom jaw. From afar, it might be mistaken for a gibus without it's hat. This illusion proves beneficial to the Angler Heavy to draw in prey.

Biology Edit

What most people don't know is that their sandvich appendage is actually an organ (discovered after closer study), and the bottom jaw uses centripetal force to tilt their mouth upwards while keeping the top jaw put. They can also use the centripetal force and gravity to enlarge their mouth to enormous size, being able to eat an entire head in one chomp. Since they live in deep waters, they also have an underbite evolved to attack prey from above.

Due to the fact that they live in an environment with scarce prey (most TF2-wildlife lives in the area about between the daylight-zone and the twilight-zone, 400 meters; but these fish when in a deep ocean can live in the midnight-zone at a staggering 2,000 meters below.), they preserve energy by lying in wait and waiting for their prey to come towards them by luring them in. They spend only 2% of their energy swimming, as they generally just drift around and occasionally swim in rapid bursts.

Movement & Hunting Edit

Dr. Marxman, with the help of Scoots, has figured out how Angler Heavies move and communicate. They send signals through their sandwich appendage in what seems to be Morse Code. This is also their mating signal. Their eyes enable them to see in darkness due to a filmy material over them. Their teeth can stab, rip, and tear their prey, and they eat using their teeth and sharp fins. It has even been discovered that they feel through their sandwich appendage. The signals are mainly nomming sounds and inaudible sounds.

Required ItemsEdit

-Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun

-Pyrovision Goggles

-Sammy Cap

-Eviction Notice

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