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TF2nimals- Alien Spy00:52

TF2nimals- Alien Spy

An Alien Spy crashes on 2fort, observes the environment surrounding him, then attacks the pour soul behind the camera.


The Alien Spy was found during the invasion of the aliens (started October 7th 2015), these creatures were normally regular spy creatures until they came into contact with alien blood.


An Alien spy

Biology Edit

Alien Spies are noticeably more grey then usual with oval shaped eyes and a slightly skin tone. Alien Spies have multiple versions as they are not a true species, just a mutated version of regular spies. Because of this they are now being quarantined and tested to see if there is a possible cure.

On closer inspection it seems that the mutation also effects the brain significanfly, Alien Spies have been reported with higher levels of aggression and in the wild they can also be seen to be carrying out several tasks that a regular alien would do.



  • Graylien
  • any other items recommended as your chosen species

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