This Creature is not a TF2-nimal, but a creature from outer space. When the Alien Crash Landing occuredd, these creatures were revealed. They sport large heads, a trunk-like appendage, and advanced weaponry. Some were seen with a rocket pack. They could not speak English, but they were able to fix their spacecraft with some work of engineers, who have since kept blueprints of the ship. It is confirmed that they had a leader, as a translator was able to make out from their strange language. Who or what the leader is is currently unknown. Dr. Marxman had a proposal to tracking their planet down, but it is currently too costly for the scientists to create. The engineers did make blueprints for their weapons and made similar ones out of the blueprints.

Requirements: Edit

Area 451

Air Raider

Deus Specs or Sight For Sore Eyes

Moonman Backpack



3rd Degree

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