This was an event that happened very recently in dustbowl, when a spacecraft crashed down, revealing multiple pyros that looked like stereotypical aliens. They had advanced weaponry and eventually were lost, and very little DNA was collected. There was said to be a sighting of an eyegineer communicating with them secretly behind the spacecraft. If you see any of the aliens from this crash, please communicate with it, as it may have the ability to speak some English or other languages from this planet.

Further Sightings Edit

A few days after the initial landing, Snikrot, at dustbowl researching local Carpo species, found some of these 'alien' creatures setting up a number of [DATA EXPUNGED] presumed to be used for [DATA EXPUNGED]. Snikrot fled from the scene and headed to his lab to attempt to categorise them. Although early attempts proved useless, it has now been proven by Snikrot and Mortaurren, that the alien creatures, through synthesising small amounts of DNA recovered from the alien structures, that they have a similar genetic coding to certain species of more Ignus species, specifically the Spring-Eyed Pyro. This has raised questions about the origin of the species.

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