FANDOM 01:05, December 2, 2015 (UTC)Abusive Admins

The Abusive Admins (Aboosus Tavasius) species was discovered on Muselk's server when a mercenary turned into an enormous frog and started demolishing everything. The species is immortal and does not have to reproduce. The species was named after the first one (named "Tava") has taken many different forms including a huge mercenary, a frog, a pyroshark... and many, many others. They have powers beyond anything you could ever imagine. And although they may seem silly, some of them are very hostile and will kill you faster than you could report them! They have been given this power by GabeN. It appears GabeN does not care whether they use it for good and destruction. Some of their powers include throwing cows at you that do immense amounts of damage. And can kill even an Overhealer-overhealed Heavy Weapons Guy.


Event Admins (Aboosus STER_us)

These admins get around on their servers one a month or once a year, and do events, such as making themselves faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than Superman on steroids, and more health than a Kunai Spy! vs. about 32 people.

Angel Admins (Aboosus Neweliatan)

These are the admins people can look up to. These are the ones that help players. They play fairly. They give everyone the same advantages. They turn on the all-powerful sv_cheats switch to "1", so players can do what they want. Unfortunately, they are very rare, there are already not very many Abusive Admins, but the Angel Admins, there are only 4 in the entire TF2 Community!

Sale Giants (Sale Gigantes)

Sale giants are very powerful, colossal if you may titans chosen by GabeN to attack the walled in country of f2paria. F2paria is a country of locals who never donated their wallets to GabeN, These people never hated him, until he sent his Sale Giants to devour their wallets. The wallet devouring is very horrific indeed, their was nothing they could do about it until the military of f2paria found a way to murder the sale giants. It appears that their weak spot was in their neck, so they used duel shanhanshas and grappling hooks to kill them. This military has a steam group called Rebelen against Gaben. These giants obtain power from other people's wallets (by eating them). Once they obtain these powers it gives them higher agility, strength, and awareness so they can eradicate their foes from existence.

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