Ghastly Gibus

(Discovered by TF2BT ShakurasEnder) Believed to be the one common ancestor to all of the aquatic Ignus species, the Gibus Pyroshark is often underestimated because it wears a Ghastly Gibus, causing it to be mistaken for a tryhard noob. However, if you aggravate it by calling it so or attacking it, it will airblast you into the water and chase you down with Neon Annihilator ( A characteristic relating it to the Pyroshark) or the shotgun if you get too far ahead. They are very rare due to the amount of hats in game and how bad of a hat the Gibus is considered as.

How to be an (Elder) Gibus Pyroshark:

Quote from (Elder) Gibus Pyroshark: "No, I won't tell you how to be an (Elder) Gibus Pyroshark."